Lori Joy's Catalog


PHOTOS FROM SUSAN DADE AND I'S SHOW: Line and Paper.  Photo op with with Craig Stinson from Arts and Wilmington and my friend Marguerite Owens who is an oil painter!

My Fashion illustrations at the TMW Winter Benefit Show- At the Hannah Block Art Center with the founder Toni Melvin Whitaker pictured


My back drop that was used at the Spring Summer Toni Melvin Whitaker Spring Summer Fashion show at Art off the Wall.

PHOTOS from the WAA Spring Show

Wilmington Fashion Week's Designer's Show Case was in the Artworks!

My two loves, arts and fashions. Photos from the show and my paintings inspired by the show!

Plein Air Painting on this gorgeous spring day with. Photos of the tulips, gardens, and paintings in progress,, Really enjoyed painting with Katie McKendry, Ann Finton Lees, Gretchen Murden and Chris Bloom

Look at this cool artwork by my friend Janiel Blackman's daughter

Lori Joy Peterson tells the attendees of the Brunswick Arts Council's 2016 Annual Meeting her story. Lori was one of the recipients of a Regional Artists Program Grant, which is co-funded by the BAC, the Wilmington and New Hanover County Arts Council, and the Pender County Arts Council. — in Brunswick Community College.

PHOTOS from the Chad Smith Plein Air Demonstration.  It was informative and fun!! I learned alot.  What a great day for learning!


Went to the"Uniquely Ours" Show at Sweet Nectar's Florist in Leland tonight. The art is fantastic!!. 

I'll be doing a show with Susan Dade(3rd from the left) March 2017.  I'm looking forward to our show.  Susan was a fashion illustrator for Glamour magazine and Women's Wear Daily.  I am thrilled to be able to show my fashioncollages alongside her wonderful work, because I love fashion!!!

Got great news this morning!! This collage over there--->

 was accepted into the 34th Annual Spring Show and Sale, April 8-10th at the Hannah Block Arts Center. It runs the same time as the Azaelea Festival


Thanks Tidal Creek Co-Op for supporting local artists!!! Guess what guys I have my artwork hanging at Tidal Creek Co - op on Oleander Drive across from Jungle Rapids!!! Check it out if you're out there. It's hanging in the eatery!!

The Port City Java - Southport is opening soon and I'll have some of my paintings hanging there. These paintings were painted with coffee and they are for sale! Check it out!! Jill Jackson is also hanging there and she has some wonderful art on display. Thanks Deana Wallace for letting me know!

UPDATE::: You can see the SEA COLLECTION at Barn and Beach Designs in Southport!!!

Just take 133 headed into Oak Island. The shop is next to Enterprise Rentals!


Day 30 of the 30 in 30
Title: Grand Finale
Medium: Watercolor

Thanks Mahlaynee Cooper for the lady on the piano idea! I decided it was a perfect way to end the challenge. Didn't think I could do it, but I did!!!

Day 29 of the 30 in 30. 

Title: Pug-er-fly, Hummingbird Classic.

I combined the suggestions of Katie Canady JoAnna Williams and Mimi Watts for the next to last day. I can't believe the challenge ends tommorow 

For the Final Four of the Challenge, I decided to get a little help from my friends

Day 28: Coffee and a Book

Medium: Watercolor

At my friend Deb Knox's suggestion I went back to painting with coffee. I don't know why I slacked back on the coffee paintings.  So thanks Deb for the boost!


Day 27 of the 30 in 30.

Title: Maggie's Journey

Medium: Watercolor

My friend Maggie Henson requested I paint a turtle and I did!

Day 26 of the 30 in 30

Title: A Starfish for Bon Bon

My friend Bonnie requested I paint a starfish... and I FINALLY did it!

Day 25 of the 30 in 30

Titles: Big Fish

Medium: Watercolor

Two for the price of one! I did the painting with the couple last night and the orange fish today. So I decided to post both of them.

Day 24 of the 30 in the 30

Title: Koi oh Boy

Medium: Watercolor

I'm in the final stretch, this is the last week of the paint challenge..

Day 23 of the 30 in 30

Title:  Kill 'er

Medium: Watercolor

Back to my ocean creatures, didn't want to leave out my animals!

Day 22 of the 30 in 30
Title: It's Raining
Medium: Watercolor.

Since we're having an epic snowstorm today,i did a picture about raining.

Day 21 of the 30 in the 30

Title: Getting Crabby

Medium: Acrylic

Decided to go back to painting my other favorite subject, animals and beach scenes.

Day 20 of the 30 in 30

Title: This is getting awkward

Medium: Watercolor

Believe it or not, only a week or so to go. Here's today's entry.

Day 19 of the 30 in 30

Title: Careful

Medium: Watercolor

I had a different game plan, paint before work today, do a dry brush technique because I wanted this done in 15 minutes!

Day 18 of the 30 in 30

Title: I can Smile

Medium: Watercolor

I had a really long today, so I was really challenged to get his done. I did a quick one around 10pm tonight and did a model because they are quick and easy to paint for me.

Day 17 of the 30 in 30.
Title: Sunrise
Medium: Acrylic
Took my friend Wanda Fox's suggestion and did a dolphin today. Also decided to paint impasto today with the acrylics

I have these two paintings and four others paintings at Port City Java in Porter's Neck along with many other fabulous artists. All artwork is for sale.

Day 16 of the 30 in 30
Medium: Watercolor
Title: Seahorsies
Believe it or not I'm tired of painting models (smile)...
I'm giving it a break today and decided to paint sea creatures.

Coming soon, I'll have my Sea Collection displayed and fabric artist Susan Kinnin will have her coffee themed work displayed!

Join us Friday, January 22nd from 5:30-7:00 at Barn and Beach Designs (4561 Long Beach Rd SE #1, Southport, NC 28461 ) For an Artist Meet and Greet.

We will be showcasing the newest works from local painter Lori Peterson and fabric artist Susan Kinnin. All new works will be for sale. Wine and light hor d'oeuvres will be served.


Day 15 of the 30 in 30
I actually did two today. These are on canvasses that I did abstract collage on weeks ago. They were all prepped and ready and I decided to take them even further and paint in acrylics on top of them. This Octopus and Mermaid will be on display at the Meet and Greet next week at Barn and Beach Designs along with the rest of my Sea Collection.

Day 14 of the 30 in the 30
Title: Stop, Turn, Pose
Medium: Collage

Got to collage today, one of my *unposted* watercolors that i from the fashion show that I painted Monday. I used this watercolor as a basis for today's entry.

Day 13 of the 30 of 30
Title: And Turn
Medium: Watercolor 
At the 11th hour, finally completed today's painting, hoping tomorrow i have more time to collage. The good thing is Johnny Carson re-runs are on Antenna Tv and the guest is Keenan Ivory Wayans, so that's my reward for still being up painting

Day 12 of the 30 in 30 
Title: Make an entrance
Medium: Watercolor
Finally got it in today, but I did it! Inspiration: Saturday's Fashion Show. I think I stay on this theme for the rest of the week

Day 11 of the 30 in 30
Title: Strike a Pose
Medium: Collage
I've been doing quick watercolor paintings the past 10 days, I decided to do a collage today since I had time. I miss doing my collages so here's today's entry!

Day 10 of the 30 in 30

Title: Timeless
Medium: Watercolor

The lady I sat next to at the fashion show last night was so gracious to allow me to take pictures of her and paint her.
Why did I want to paint her?
Well her outfit was minimalistic, her jewelry simple, yet the outfit was elegant, not gaudy at all. It just perfect for a quick painting because the way she carried herself would make an effortless painting.
I wasn't going for a likeness, because today I don't have much time to paint, but I wanted to capture the essence of an elegant woman.

Day 9 of the 30 in 30. SPECIAL EDITION!

Title: Show Stopper
Medium: Watercolor

I painted the models at the fashion while walking and boy did I feed off their energy and the music. The first one is my entry for the 30 and 30, but I am also showing the other 3. I met a very nice fashionable lady Juliette Graham Murray who was so kind to purchase 4 of them. I also met her friend who allowed me to take her picture. Her daughter was a model in the fashion show and her daughter and all the models... beautiful!

Day 8 of the 30 in 30
Title: Don't Fall
Medium: Watercolor
I'm rooting for all the models, I'm sure this will be a good show and no one is gonna fall.. I'm also challenging myself tomorrow by doing something new. Painting during the fashion show! I'll post one of my paintings tomorrow for day 8.
I decided to mat these - so they will be available matted for only 5 bucks more.

NEW SERIES COMPLETED!  I've been working on a new series: "The Sea Collection". Here's some of the pieces that are part of that series! More details to come!!


Day 7 of the 30 in 30.
Title: And Turn and Pose
It's been a week! 3 more to go....
Another model painting in anticipation of the fashion show

Day 6 of 30 of the 30 in 30
Title: Runway.
Medium: Watercolor.
I could only devote my lunch break to painting, so I had to paint quick and think quick about what to do. 
So I decided since I'm going to the fashion show Saturday, why not paint models leading up to Saturday's Fashion Show at the Community Arts Center.

I'll paint a model today, Thursday, and Friday and I'll have the paintings at my vendor table for sale 1/9/16 for the incredibly low price of $8.47 and the two tommorrow for $9.63 because they'll be slightly bigger

Day 5 of 30
Medium: Watercolor 
Title: Moe's
Was really time limited today, did this in about 40 minutes- sitting at Dunkin Donuts painting Moe's




Day 4 of the 30 in 30.

Medium: Watercolor

Title: Let's Start the Show

Monday, Monday, Monday. Boy was today a Monday. Not much time to devote to painting, but I did it.

Day 3 of the 30 in 30
Medium: Watercolor
Title: Waiting for the Show
Decided to do a classic chorus girl and take a little break from the "sea" paintings. did this one early because my afternoon is full.


Day 2 of the 30 in 30 challenge.

Title:  Sail Away

Medium: Watercolor

Tomorrow, I may do something textured.





Started off with watercolor for the first day because it was quick and easy.

I have been working on a new series and I will be posting soon. Just wait and sea....

2016!!!  Today I start my Challenge!!  I will be painting everyday in January for the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days.

I'll post my painting each day here.  There are hundreds of artists participating around the globe,

So I'm looking forward to seeing what the other artists come up with.

Here's the link:



Artistic Admiration:  Please note these are not my paintings, these are examples.

Over there  <--------- are encaustic paintings, a medium I want to try in the future. What I love about them  is that you have build layers and work with the wax. The results can be subtle or bold!

must watch video, van gogh helps vermeer's girl!

HUGE THANK YOU's TO THE ARTS COUNCIL!!! Big Thank you for the Regional Artist Project Grant I received. Now this starving artist can get more supplies and make more ART!!

THE AWARDS CEREMONY was at the Wilma S. Daniels Gallery and I was pleased to be surrounded by such wonderful artists and organizations!

Now the results of my Experimenting! These are my paintings done with Coffee, Tea, Wine and Watercolor!

WAIT FOR IT:Coffee, Tea, and Wine



Fourth Friday / Downtown Wilmington / November 27, 2015 / 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Wilmington art galleries are open to you each Fourth Friday of the month / Attend receptions and openings /

This weekend was overflowing with art events, Riverfest, a wonderful art show at 314 South Front, No Boundaries International Art Show and much more. Here's some  photos from the shows/events I went to. There's some great art out in Southeastern North Carolina!



Save the Date! The Open Studio 5th Annual Show and Sale is coming up! Friday November 20th from 5-8pm, Saturday November 21st from 10am - 5pm.

This year they will have 7 participants! Betty Brown, Dot Daughtry, Barbara Jamison, Rena MacQueen, Anne Perkins, Jodie Rippy and Jenny Wright will all be showing their work.

  The highly anticipated  No Boundaries Exhibit opens with fanfare on Saturday, November 21 at the Wilma W. Daniels at Cape Fear Community College in downtown Wilmington.  The reception runs 6:00-9:00 that evening.  

Artistic Admiration: Really cute assemblage art by various artists!

I'm very happy to say I was accepted for a show at the public radio station:  MC Erny Gallery at WHQR. I will be paired with the wonderful Susan Dade.  The show is to run March 24 – May 12, 2017.

Check out Susan's website. Her artwork is colorful, vibrant and amazing!


New Artwork by me!

New Artwork by me!

New Artwork by  me!

Your Midweek Funny:

I am pleased to say my collage "Healing in Progress"  has been accepted into the Rxhibition program. Rxhibition is a program that brings art to chemotherapy areas.  This is something close to my heart.  They are getting close to announcing the host hospital for the exhibition, but they have announced some of the artists that will be featured and I am happy to be one of them! Go to the links  below from their website to learn more!



Artistic Admiration: Art Deco Illustration- love the simplicity and the clear, clean lines.


by artist Ryan Patterson

Rembrandt's Palette: Muted colors, earth tones, rich colors. 

Photo Credit: CAW, Collage Artists of Wilmington.

Rainy days are great  days for collaging. Enjoyed doing collage with other artists at ACES downtown.

Some photos:


Your Motivational Tip for the Day:

Artistic Techniques: How to use Alcohol Ink with Alice Corl (Art By Chance) 

Cool Technique with neat effects.

Artistic Admiration: Take a look at this video, an easy way to make use of watercolor pencils!

Fresh off the Easel: A new piece of artwork from me!

My tribute to Native Americans.

Artistic Admiration: Freddy Fabris recreated Renaissance painting with mechanics and the results are spectacular!

The Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt:

A series of Rembrandt-inspired portraits:

Today's Motivational Quotation:

Artistic Admiration: This is so interesting. It's on my to do list. 
MOMA has PICASSO SCUPTURE on display. Now you can see Picasso's work in 3-D.

My appreciation for Picasso grows even deeper.

Art on film:  Out of all the classic artist movies, Woman on the Run is my favorite so far. The movie is about an artist that sees a crime, hides from the cops because he doesn't want to identify the person who did it.  The police go to his home, his wife is there. The problem is the wife doesn't know where here artist is either because they are estranged. So she and the police search for him and his paintings and sculptures are all part of the search.  Also what's great about the movie is it has a cool Hitchcockian ending. I've watched this movie for years on a bad print and bad prints were the only thing available until Eddie Muller, the czar of Noir Foundation saw this movie as a gem and worked with the Film Noir Foundation to restore this classic.  So now the print is crystal clear and the public can see it in glorious black and white!


Artistic Admiration: The collage work of the great Romare Bearden. He collages depicted African American life. They were full of color, movement and energy!

The Funnies: Literal Illustrations by artist Karen Rosen

Artistic Admiration: Russian Folk Art. It's whimsical,colorful, and this piece resembles collage a bit!

PHOTOS FROM THE COLLAGE SHOW: Paste,Paper, Scissors AT ACES 221 N. Front Street. Show runs through Monday, November 23. 

Artistic Admiration:  PBS loves showing Bob Ross programs and I love Bob Ross, but they seriously need to bring back Welcome to My Studio with Helen Van Wyck.  What is great about her show is that she covers grayscale painting, perspective, and other principles. She paints in the classical way. Bring back Helen PBS!!

This Friday is Fourth Friday. My two collage art pieces will part of the CAW show at ACES on Front Street for the exhibition along with other artists for the : Paste, Paper, and Scissors show. Stop by while on the Gallery Walk Friday Oct 23rd between 6-9pm

Fashion Inspiration: The art of the pose. Different angles, geometric patterns, negative and positive shapes...

Artistic Admiration: Cool Techniques.  Creating texture easily with saran wrap. Pretty neat effects this artist made in the video. 

Motivational Music:  The late, great, Phyllis Hyman. A true artist, a beautiful talented singer-songwriter. She had to ability to write moving music, but not only that, she could convey those emotions in song. Sadly, she was not able to look outside herself and see that. She suffered from depression and committed suicide at age 45. Fortunately, she left a large body of work. Her music ranges from soul, jazz, and r & b.  Her sound is soothing, perfect for painting.

Fashion Inspiration: Global Fashion. Influences from Africa, Japan, Australia and the Middle East.

Motivational Music: The beautiful Swan Lake Theme, Humoresque, and Moonlight Sonata.  Best way to think and get that paint flowing!

Artistic Admiration: Jackson Pollock. What makes me admire his work is the ability to let go. He's not looking for a likeness. She splattering, dripping, enjoying himself while he paints.  How can you not like that!

ARTfall at Hannah Block runs October 14-October 18th, 10am-5pm daily. FREE ADMISSION!The show features 35 Artist and over 150 artwork for sale!  Here are my 3 pieces that are in the show and a few pictures of  the art and  me hanging out with some of the artists at the reception.

Artistic Admiration:  Shawn Ethridge Raleigh, NC Artist created this work of art for breast cancer awareness. So I had to share this beautiful creation. Remember October is breast cancer awareness month but for a breast cancer survivor breast cancer awareness is everyday!

P.S. Be sure to visit his website to view more of his wonderful artwork!



Artistic Admiration:  Cubism.  Picasso and Georges Braque.  What I'm in awe about is their ability to take a simple still life and transform into vibrant, unique shapes and still retain the likeness. Just a sample of the works I like best.

Now for the surprise . I did a video of my work by Wonderful Artist, Photographer, and film maker Lily DuVeau. Watch the video and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to her channel: Lily's Art Mix, the Fine Art Channel.

Artistic Admiration:  I'm not I realistic painter, nor do I want to be one. But I enjoy watching them work. Look at this trick artist, make a 3-d crocodile!

The downpour came back Saturday, but fortunately Sunday was nice, no rain. So I made it out to the Arboreteum to view the wonderful artwork of my fellow artists, enjoy the music, and I have a surprise in store too.  Here's just a FEW pictures of the wonderful artwork. Everyone's artwork was AMAZING!

Some of the many works displayed at the Arboreteum.

A painting displayed in the Gardens!

Energetic Musician Luis Paschoa and drummer livening up the Arboreteum.

Artist Rachard McIntyre with his wonderful paintings and drawings!

Art in Film: A Stolen Life. Two Bette's for the price of one. She plays twin sisters. One sister is a loner artist and the other is a socialite.  the artist twin is the good girl and bad twin is glamorous.  Artist twin meets Glen Ford who is also a loner and they fall for each other, until he meet bad Bette. He likes her better, tells artist twin she is like cake and her sister is like cake with frosting.  Okay!?!  From all appearances you would think this is a melodramatic chick flick. It's not. It's an intelligent character study. The film interests me in the portrayal of the two different types of artists.  Good Bette is introspective, plain, unassuming. After the boyfriend marries her sister, she meets an artist, played by Dane Clark, who shows another artist personality. He's a volatile, short-tempered, against society.  So of course he hates her paintings.   The interaction between these two types is what really makes the film.

Artsy Bette and the Explosive Artist.

Good Bette and Bad Bette

What's New From Me:  Global Collage Art. I created these collages to showcase ladies from around the world, patterns, shapes and forms.

Motivational Music: Sade. Always mellow. Deep lyrics, remains consistent each album and her music is high level art!

Artistic Admiration:  I've seen varying techniques of using watercolor, washes, loose and free, the dry technique, watercolors that look like oils. This artist, Pat Weaver, doesn't something completely different and beautiful.  She paints on photographs and turns them into watercolor paintings. Unique!

Motivational Music: Breakout! Totally 80s, fun and the anthem for quirky,artsy girls like me!

Scarlet Street is very similar to the Woman in the Window. Woman in the Window came out in 1944 and Scarlet Street, 1945. Both star Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, and Dan Duryea.  Both are Fritz Lang films. Scarlet Street is like what happens if Woman in the Window didn't have a neat, tidy ending.  I sill find Woman in the Window the superior film.  (I don't like Edward G. Robinson being so weak. He shines in his gangster roles and gangster spoof. That aside, this film is still a film noir classic). 

But Scarlet Street is interesting from an artist's viewpoint. Edward G. Robinson is a painter, doesn't sell paintings, and believes he is a mediocre artist.  He get's no support from his wife, but he still paints because he loves art and painting. Unfortunately for him he runs into lady of the night, Kitty and her blackmailer boyfriend-Dan Duryea. Kitty's boyfriend ends up selling the paintings under her name and they sell!

The film gets too depressing for me. I don't watch it too often because I always have to watch Sanford and Son, Duck Soup, or some type of comedy to cheer me up.  However, his struggles as an artist are enough to hold my attention and a must see for artists at least once. When I think of this film, it reminds me artists like Van Gogh, Vermeer, and Gaughin who were misunderstood, struggled and were not accepted during their time.


It's Fall, but why not get ready for spring!  Inspiring, what's on trend for 2016


If this isn't art in fashion, I don't know what it is. Colo and Vibrancy!


ARTFALL IS COMING! I'm a participating artist along with these other wonderful artists.

The show runs 

Wednesday - Sunday—October 14th - 18th 

  • Show times 10am-5pm
  • Admission FREE

The opening reception is Thursday Oct 15th 6-8pm

   List of Participating Artist: 

List of Participating Artist:

Jo Ann Alford                  Katie Martin
Jim Bettendorf               Joan McLoughlin
Anna Boggs                   Randy McNamara
Lauren Bonardi            Carolyn Colby Millis
Bradly Carter                Frances Mims
Linwood Churchill        Sheila Keefe Ortiz
Elaine Cooper               Marlene Owens
Lawrence Dixon           Lori Joy Peterson
Doug Dupuis                Pete Paterson
Eleanor Gillette            Lisa Foor Rojek
Bev Haley                     Barbara Salisbury
Karen Hicks                  Jill Schulte
Thom Jones                  Sarah Sheffield
Jeffrey P Karnes          Bates Toone
Kami Kinnison             Barbara Tuzzeo
Lewi Kurtzman            Joy Watson
Catherine Lea            Elena Wright
Judy B. Lewis


Motiviational Music:  Georgia Ann Muldrow, who is guaranteed to get me out of a slump and JazzyFatNastees and Floetry because they successfully blend jazz, hip-hop, and r and b who else can i paint along to?



The Wilmington area is bursting with talented artists!  Thank you Lily DuVeau for permitting me to share your channel Lily's Mix. This is just a sampling of the wonderful art you will find around Wilmington!

The heart of Joyful Artwork:  Watercolor!  Artwork that is fresh,loose, and free! I continue to go back to watercolor to keep that type of style in my veins. Here's some of my finished watercolors in keeping with that mode.

Art in Film:  Hollywood loves portraying kooky artists. We're not all loopy. but Elsa Lanchester makes the best crazy artist in the Big Clock. The film is a film noir thriller. It's a bit convoluted, but the cast makes up for it. It stars Ray Milland and Charles Laughton and takes you behind the scenes of the publishing world.  Elsa is an artist that holds the key to the mystery and she has 4 kids, 3 husbands. One who drunk himself to death, one lost at sea, and she can't find the other one!  She is so ditzy and eccentric and a goofball. This role is a natural fit for her.  The only problem with this role is that she doesn't get enough screen time. She still shines in Witness for the Prosecution and Mystery Street. My other two  favorite Elsa Lanchester movies.


Blast from the not so distant past:

Pics from my display at the Budding and Blooming Show and the Tickled Pink Colors of Summer Show.


Vintage Fashion Inspiration: Fashion inspiration from Paris and Iran.  Effortless, Easy, Fashion.

Photo courtesy of http://www.vintag.es/2014/04/rare-color-photos-of-parisian-women.html


The beauty of the art of sculpture.  Enjoy these gorgeous and unique works of art.

Artistic Admiration: I'm not a sculptor, don't want to be one, but watching them work fills me with awe and not only that it's relaxing to watch them work.  Case in point this artist, sculpting the female head to make a beautiful, delicate masterpiece.

Well Mom gave me a challenge today. Well not really it was for me. She said put me in a collage, so i'm thinking I'm up for that but what will I do for Mom that she will like. So Mom liked the results and I do too!

Artistic Admiration:  Less is More- The ability to make a statement with few brush strokes as possible.  Artist Susan Gillette has mastered this. The simplicity in her work is unique and powerful.

Artistic Admiration: Classic Portraiture: 

I was watching a video piece the other day about the history of plein air and the radical nature of these artists.  It explored how before impressionism paintings were refined, the type of subjects that were chosen, ect. and how the impressionists rebelled went outdoors and painted ordinary life.  Well somehow that  got me to thinking about two of my all time favorite noirs Laura and The Woman in the Window.  They are two different noirs but similar in that a portrait is a major plot device in  both films.  Laura is a case study in itself, but pretty much the first half the only thing we know of Laura is her painting, and eyewitness accounts and the detective becomes obsessed with the portrait.  Edward G. Robinson the other hand admires the portrait, but when he meets the subject of the painting, Joan Bennet, things spiral down from there.  Both show how classic Hollywood merged art into film.


Of course I got to thinking about Kehinde Wiley who places African Americans in classic portraits. His background remind me of elaborate wallpapers with bold, bright colors.

Well that in turn got me thinking of the great artist Pino. His portraits merge classical style with impressionism, he has bold, visible, exciting brush strokes with paintings full of life.

Motivational Music:  Acid Jazz band- Incognito of course.  I've been listening to them for years and what I like about Incognito is you never know what they next album will be, because they flip it each album.

Jacob's Ladder: Bluey makes you feel like you're climbing, the song keeps building like you're walking step by step and Barumba fused latin music with strings andjazz effortlessly. It's one of those songs I play on a loop over and over.

Nights over Egypt is inspirational because Bluey took a Jones girl classic, funked it up, added Jocelyn Brown and SURPRISE he snuck in Maysa at the end. Then there's Marrakech. It's so layered,smooth, a classic that grows on me on each listen.

Creativity in music at it's finest.


Artistic Admiration:How cool is this guy?!  He's throwing paint, doesn't mind getting messy and dirty and the results: Amazing!


Let's go back to another era:

Vintage Art Deco Ads. I adore them.

MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC: I don't know if Res and Van Hunt are painters but their brand of alternative R and B sure is eclectic and artistic.

You guys know it's gonna rain this weekend.

Art in the Arboretum has been postponed until Oct 9-11 due to the expected bad weather.It should be cleared up by then. Right?!

How cool! Swizz Beatz (Alica Keys husband) is not only an artist,curator of art, but a collector with a collection that rivals museums.  Now what about that!

ABSTRACTION: Clean lines, Modern, Simple, Engaging.

I can't get enough of James Little's artwork. 

ARTISTIC ADMIRATION: Silverpoint, the drawing of the old masters. What I love about silverpoint is the softness in the drawing. It's delicate yet regal. It's on the to do list.

As a film noir lover, the film Crack-Up 1946, always intrigued me. It's not the best film-noir, it gets kinda dull in the middle, but the plot is interesting.  An art curator/docent is on the verge of a mental breakdown or is he???  The first half is what is interesting.  Pat O'Brien gives a lecture and includes modern art and is an obvious Dali reference. The audience laughs at the painting you see on the side and the curator says at next week's lecture, Surrealists will be searched for weapons.

Kinda neat....

MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC: Since THE VOICE is on and sidetracking me, I'll just let Adam and Gwen inspire me....


This part of Strangers on a Train always cracks me up.  Just when you thought you captured a likeness.. LOL!!!

BLAST FROM THE PAST:  APRIL 2013, Me and my buddy Arlene at the Palaver art/show opening, sitting at my little booth.

My painting "Like a Fish Out of Water" was published in Palaver, UNCW's interdisplinary magazine.

Photograpy I adore: Photo by Awol Erizku, Ethiopian born photographer who remixed the classics.  Girl with the Bamboo earring is my favorite photo by him:


The original Girl With a Pearl Earring, always a favorite of mine. 

A Masterpiece.

THE BLAME GAME: A Little funny for ya.

Reasons Why I Love Plein Air:

1. I was going to start with how I like capturing the light in paintings until I did a plein air in Southport on a rainy day. Not only did  l like the muted tones in the paintings, but as I looked at all the fantastic artwork from the artists, their muted tones were beautiful and how they captured the grey scale. Here's a quick study I did of the waterfront below

Now I'll contrast that with a painting I did while the sun was out a bit at the Burgwin Wright Paint Out. (It rained off and on that day).

Actually looking at the two, I like plein air on sunny and overcast days equally which leads to..

2.  With plein air there is always a subject to paint.

3.  And 3, the fun part is that I get to meet other artists. One thing that always fascinates me is when I see artists that happened to capture the same scene or building but it looks completely different, but the same. It's like viewing their handwriting, Everyone's interpretation is unique but beautiful.



Calm, relaxing, helps me think.


Some humor:


Upbeat, cheerful, happy, energetic!



Art,Literature, Film

It always intrigues me when the three converge together. Case in point is the connection between Edward Hopper's painting Nighthawks and the 1946 film The Killers based on an Ernest Hemmingway short story.  I'm an old movie buff so when TCM offered a free film noir course I was in!  One point I learned in the course is how diners are an intricate part of the American culture and how it was incorporated in art and film.

Look at this still from the Killers:

And this painting from Edward Hopper:


I do! I love flowers, girly things, and I love watching artist Gary Jenkins paint. I've been watching him for years on PBS and what I like about his teaching style is the ease and simplicity. He has a very gentle manner, he doesn't talk down to the viewer and i actually get relaxed watching him paint.

Take a look at an episode!

The influence is unmistakable. Then the film-makers expanded on a short story by Hemmingway. (Hemmingway's story only makes up the first few minutes on the film, then they expand on to see why the Swede was killed. The film goes into another direction almost like Dragnet where insurance adjuster interviews people to see who was behind it. Neat, how the three mediums merged together.



OCT 2-4 2015: You will see my two fishys at the show along with the lovely artwork of local artists in the Wilmington Area.


IT ROTATES AND CHANGES, but over the years I keep going back to John Holyfield.  I just love his style. So he is one of my top ten artists:

Here's one of my favorite paintings by him>



MODELS: Especially those of the classic era.


Classic Film- Film Noir in particular Film Stills, Black and White Photography, Dramatic Lighting


Historical images, retro, vintage, rare photos


Runway, Fashion


Costumes, Fashion pre:1900, the more layers, hats, gloves, jewelry the better


Nature: That is why I must do plein air.  I have to be out in the elements painting!


I can always play this song and get motivated to paint.  I've been known to play it on repeat while I paint, it helps the paint flow!

Not only do I love her hair, but her tips on artist block. It happens, I get it sometimes love her tips! Sharing her video!

All credit goes to Love Teacup Kisses

Chuck Close:  One of my favorite artists. I don't use the grid method, but Chuck does and he takes it to a whole 'nother level.  Within each grid is a design like a tile that works to form faces. Had to share his video.

I enjoyed chatting with everyone who came into Cape Fear Native tonight.

Here are some paintings from my show. It will be up until Oct 16,2015, so if you are downtown you can still drop in.

Cape Fear Native is next door to Groove Jet Salon on Princess Street.


Met plenty of cool people at Fermental and this nice couple that brought my painting of ANNA MAE WONG! Thanks guys!

FOURTH FRIDAY IS COMING!! I am Cape Fear Native's Featured Artist Friday Sept 25, 2015

Did the plein air thing Friday 9/18/15 for the Burgwin Wright Paint out. Here's the results, First one on Market Street and Second Chandler's Wharf.

Friday: Doing the Plein Air Thing 9/18/15 at Burgwin Wright and Saturday, 9/19/15 I will be under the tent at Fermental Arts and Drafts

UPDATE:  I was juried into ARTFALL in OCTOBER at the Hannah Block Community Arts Center


My solo show Fun and Dramatic Faces will be up at the Leland Cultural Arts Center August 1-30,2015

August 29th there will be an open house so you can learn more about the center

I will have my artwork displayed week 4 of Colors of Summer, August 21-30 at Tickled Pink.

(picture above):AT THE RIBBON CUTTING OF THE COLORS OF SUMMER. I'll be part of Week 4. Head on out to Tickled Pink in August for some excellent art and art talks.


SNEAK PEAK OF MY SOLO SHOW ON WED. AUGUST 5th,2015 6-8pm at the Leland Cultural Arts Center

These six pictures are from the Garden Party at the Latimer House 6/20/15.  My paintings are labeled.






Two paintings above are displayed at Barn and Beach Designs, Southport, NC

These two ladies below are on display at Jazzcars, Wilmington, NC




Below: A montage of paintings from the plein artists and two of my paintings from the plein air in April. The couple I met while painting. The fellow jokes would you paint us and I did!

Photos from Southport Plein Air, April 2015

Below: Paintings displayed at Tradewynds Consignments.


Above photo: At the Arty Party and "Cottage" #25 and Cruising #64 were the pieces displayed at Union Station, CFCC, Wilm, NC



OCT 2014: Workers is also on display at the Bellamy Mansion until Nov 2014!

OCT 2014:  Slave Quarters won an Honorable Mention at The Bellamy Fall Show. YAY!

OCT 2014: The Pig and Pender's are being displayed at Canape for Blair Nidds Show "Canape".  The Pig found a home with Terry Espy and Sharky! Thanks Guys!


8/22/14:  Hi all, remember this Friday is Fourth Friday Gallery Walk! Featured this month is Lori Peterson, whose colorful paintings depict familiar places. Come for her opening reception, 6-9 PM, enjoy wine and Lativa coffee. 


8/21/14-8/24/14: I have 3 pieces in the Landfall Art Show and Sale! Come out and support a good cause!

Lori Joy Peterson is an acrylic and pastel artist with a watercolor feel.  She has studied at Cameron Art Museum and Saint Mary's Adult Day School.

You may see her artwork at Cape Fear Native and Every Good Thing Gallery, downtown Wilmington.


7/24/14: Work currently displayed at Every Good Thing Gallery 603 Castle Street Wilmington, NC

5/30/14:  I will be painting out at the Burgwin Wright House May 30th and 31st.

5/22/14:  I am a semi-finalist in the YOSAKE DOWNTOWN ART Contest!!!

My Work

Her work has been displayed at:

Checkercab Gallery Downtown Wilmington, NC

The Arty Party: Union Station, Cape Fear Community College, Nov 2013

Burgwin Wright Paint Out, Sept 2013

Art in the Arboreteum Oct 2013

Landfall Art Show August 2013

Figments Gallery, Small Works August 2013

Soapbox, Thrive Studios, Jan 2013

Figments Gallery Wrightsville Beach, NC

Graphic/Abstract Exhibit Sept 2012

Roco 6 x 6, Rochester, NY July 2012, July 2013

Cape Fear Community Arts Expo, June 2012, June 2013

State of the Art, Cameron Art Museum May 2011

UNCW Alumni Art Hang

Tres Chic, Oak Island, NC

Artwork published in To The Bone Magazine, Starving Artist Magazine and Palaver, UNCW Interdisplinary Mazazine

Artwork that captures people, nature, animals and abstraction.

Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work. If you have any questions, please contact me.


I take a fresh approach to my work and enjoy plein air work and abstraction.

.Contact me at lpeterson2@ec.rr.com or on facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/LoriJoysArtwork

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